3D-Systems sPro™ 60 HD-HS

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Identification sPro™ 60 HD-HS Production 3D Printer
Build envelope capacity (xyz) 381 mm x 330 mm x 437 mm
Layer thickness range Min 0,08 mm; Max 0,15 mm
Segment Production
Imaging System ProScan™ DX Dual Mode High Speed
Scanning speed 6 m/s und 12 m/s
Laser power/type 70 W / CO2
Volume build rate 1,8 l/h

The 3D Systems sPro 60 HD-HS is a professional 3D printer made by 3D Systems, a manufacturer based in the USA.
The 3D Systems sPro SLS line of professional 3D printers (sPro 60, sPro 140 and sPro 230) use the Selective Laser sintering (SLS) technology. This 3D printing technique also called laser sintering uses a laser as a power source to sinter powdered material. The compatible materials are DuraForm strong engineered production plastics.