3D-Systems ProJet® 7000 HD

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Identification ProJet® 7000 HD Professional 3D Printer
Dimensions 984 mm x 854 mm x 1829 mm
Weight 272 kg
Segment Professional
Print modes High Definition, Ultra High Definition,
Xtreme High Definition
Resolution (HD) 0,125 mm, 0,125 mm layer,
(UHD) 0,125 mm, 0,10 mm layer,
(XHD) 0,075 mm, 0,05 mm
Net construction volume (short) 380 mm x 380 mm x 50 mm,
(medium) n.a.
(tall) 380 mm x 380 mm x 250 mm
Accuracy 0,025 – 0,05 mm per 25,4 mm of part dimension.

Used by aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, consumer product and industrial designers, with the ProJet 7000 MP being particularly popular with medical device manufacturers, these systems offer a wide range of material choices. Materials closely match that of their traditional alternatives with ABS-like properties with the VisiJet SL Black, resistance to temperatures as high as 130oC with the VisiJet SL HiTemp, and materials that allow direct creation of casting patterns for foundries and investment casting facilities. VisiJet SL Clear is also USP Class VI certified, making it ideal for medical product manufacturing, especially in mass custom manufacturing.