FMB Bar loading magazines

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  • Low-cost solution for CNC lathes and curve lathes for small diameters
  • Quick change of bars
  • Minimal tool change-over times
  • Ideal retrofit solutions for an increase in production while keeping your existing machinery

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  • Standard solutions covering the diameter ranges of 2-100 mm
  • High operating comfort
  • Consistently equipped with an NC axis
  • Central adjustment options for all relevant functions

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  • High-tech magazines for high-performance production
  • Top productivity thanks to feeding without limit stops
  • Highest operating comfort
  • Quick amortisation of capital

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  • Loading magazines for multi-spindle lathes
  • Extremely short loading times resulting in little downtime
  • Adjustable loading capacity: bar support, multiple-layer support or bundle conveyor
  • Stable one-piece machine frame able to absorb high insertion force
  • Modular set up for flexible deployment, such as special solutions

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