Miyano VC03

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Having realized the innovative machining technology of “low frequency vibration cutting”, which is completely different from conventional ultrasonic vibration cutting, the VC03 can handle a diverse range of machining geometries and materials with its special control technology, and alleviates various problems including entanglement of chips and built-up edges. In combination with the “machine construction for high accuracy” inherited from the GN series, this opens up new possibilities in machining technology


Max. Work diameter 40 mm
Max. Machining length 50 mm
Number of spindles 1
Through hole diameter 17 mm
Spindle speed range 8000 min-1
Rapid feed rate – X-axis 20 m/min
Rapid feed rate – Z-axis 30 m/min
Number of tools 5
Spindle drive 3.7/2.2kw
Machine weight 1.500 kg