The Sawyer-Solution

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Weight (without pedestal) 19 kg (42 lbs.)
Degrees of Freedom 7
Maximum Reach 1260 mm
Payload 4 kg (8.8 lbs.)
Target Applications Machine tending, circuit board testing,
material handling, packaging, kitting,
line loading, order fulfillment and more.
Task Repeatability 0,1 mm
Embedded Vision Cognex camera in wrist, wide view camera
in head
Safety by Inherent Design Power and force limited compliant arm with
series elastic actuators and embedded sensors
Embedded Force Sensing High resolution force sensors embedded
at each joint, standard
IP Classification IP54
Power Requirement Standard power outlet (120V, 6 amps)
Useful Life 35,000 hours
Operating Software Intera®

Weighing only 19 kg (42 lbs), Sawyer features 7 degrees of freedom with a 1260 mm meter reach that can maneuver into the tight spaces and varied alignments of work cells designed for humans. Its compliant motion control allows it to “feel” its way into fixtures or machines, even when the position varies slightly. This enables our adaptive repeatability that is unique in the robotics industry and allows Sawyer to work precisely (+/- .1 mm) in semi-structured environments, while operating safely next to human co-workers.