Topper Tongtai VU-5 Ultrasonic

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VU-5 Ultrasonic
Travel X/Y/Z 510 / 400 / 350 mm
Dimensions (Table) 800 x 410 mm
Max. Table load 300 kg
Spindlespeed Fanuc (U/min) 20.000 U/min
Spindlespeed Siemens (U/min) 24.000 U/min
Spindle drive 2,2 / 3,7 kW
Tool magazine 20
Tool holder BBT 30
Machine size LxBxH ca. 2.000 x 2.680 x 2.560 mm
Weight ca. 4.200 kg


  • The excellent ultrasonic control technology can ensure the stability of long-term machining. Frequency scanning and power setting can be completed automatically by controller to improve productivity.
  • Coolant through spindle is available for chip disposal and to reduce tool wear caused by temperature rise and cutting resistance.
  • The roughness of metal cutting surface is arround Ra 0.2 μm, it reduces the polishing procedure and achieves the quality of final finishing.
  • The ultrasonic machining technology not only reduces chipping but also has the ability to process microhole machining on hard and brittle materials.