3D-Systems ProJet® 3600 W

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Identification ProJet® 3600 W Professional 3D Printer
Dimensions 749 mm x 1194 mm x 1511 mm
Weight 323 kg
Segment Professional
Print modes High Definition, High Definition/High Quality
Resolution (HD) 375 x 375 x 775 DPI, (HDHiO) 375 x 375 x 775 DPI
Layer thickness (HD) 33 μ, (HDHiO) 33 μ
Net construction volume (HD) 298 mm x 185 mm x 203 mm,
(HDHiO) 298 mm x 185 mm x 203 mm
Accuracy 0,025 – 0,05 mm per 25,4 mm of part dimension.
Support material VisiJet S400

Designed for high output wax pattern production, the ProJet MJP 3600W and 3600W Max improve casting room efficiency to increase the productivity, precision and possibilities of direct investment casting.