Cincom A20

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The Citizen A20, an evolving 5-Axis CNC sliding head machine, furthers the quest for cost and performance featuring the ability to switch between guide bush and non-guide bush types.


Cincom A20-VII
Max. machining diameter [mm] 20 (Opt. 25)
Max. machining length (L) [mm] 200
Spindle through-hole diameter [mm] 26
Main spindle speed [min-1] 10.000
Spindle drive (Built-in Motor) [kW] 2,2/3,7
Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool [min-1] 6.000
Tool spindle drive [kW] 0,75
Number of tools to be mounted 21
Chuck and bushing
Main spindle collet chuck FC034-M, FC071-M
Guide bushing FG206-M/FG521-M
Rotary tool collet chuck ER16/ ER11
Chuck for drill sleeves ER16 / ER11
Rapid feed rate
X1 axis [m/min] 18
All axes (except X1) 32
Dimensions [mm] 2.120 x 1.226 x 1.752
Center height [mm] 1.050
Weight [kg] 2.400
Rated power consumption [kVA] 6