Cincom L12

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Machining using a guide bushing is a useful method for long, slender workpieces. On the other hand, using a guide bushing with short workpieces leaves a long remnant bar, increasing material costs. The optimum machine configuration differs according to the workpiece to be machined, and up until now a variety of different machines have been required. The L12 solves this problem. It is a simple matter to fit or remove the guide bushing, so the machine configuration can be changed to suit the workpiece to be machined. As an automatic lathe that encompasses two roles in a single unit, it can be used to machine both long and short workpieces effectively. It also shows uncompromising performance as a machine for high-speed, small-diameter applications. It shortens cycle times with a front spindle capable of high-speed rotation of 15,000 min-1 and 10,000 min-1 rotary tools. The L series that has built Cincomʼs history is now creating the new ʻstandardʼ in automatic lathes for function and performance.


Cincom L12
Maximum machining diameter (D) Ø 12 mm
Maximum machining length (L) 135 mm / 30 mm (GBL)
Spindle through-hole diameter Ø 20 mm
Main spindle speed 15.000 U/min / 12.000 U/min (GBL)
Gang rotary tool – Spindle speed 10.000 U/min
Back spindle speed 10.000 U/min
Back tool post rotary tool – Spindle speed 9.000 U/min
Number of tools to be mounted 27
Gang turning tool 6
Gang rotary tool 4~9
Gang drilling tool Front 4, Back 4
Back tool post 4
Rapid feed rate(All axes) 35 m/min
Spindle drive 2.2/3.7 kW
Gang tool post rotary tool drive 0.75
Back spindle drive 0.4/0.75kW
Back tool post rotary tool drive 0.5 kW
Weight 1.700 kg