Miyano BNE

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The BNE Series was designed to handle today‘s ever demanding high efficiency barwork. Operating multiple tools simultaneously, parts with more complex functions can now be produced with higher level of efficiency. The S-Type features simultaneous multiple tooling on the L-/R-spindles. The „SY“ type with Y-Axis slide for the upper turret has the capability of a machining center to handle more complex workpieces. The new design of the 2-types feature easies programming and machine operation to reduce set-up times.


Maximum bar diameter Ø 51 mm Ø 51 mm
Number of spindles 2 2
Spindle speed 5.000 min-1 5.000 min-1
Number of turret 2 2
Turret stations 12 12
Tool spindle speed range 6.000 min-1 6.000 min-1
Spindle motor 15/11 kW (15min. /cont) 15/11 kW (15min. /cont)
Revolving tool motor 2.2 kW 20 Nm 2.2 kW 20 Nm
Machine weight 7.800 kg 7.800 kg